—Colorado Economy —

21st century industries such as renewable energy, aerospace, bioscience, and information technology have helped the Colorado economy flourish and have home values on the rise. With a quality of life that is unmatched, the Colorado economy is thriving due to the highly educated workforce that continues to attract growing companies.

Colorado Economic Information

Click on the links below to find information about the Colorado economy and to gain deeper insights on how it’s currently performing.

  • CNN Money: Cost of Living Calculator – Learn how far your salary will go in another city
  • Metro Denver Monthly Economic Summary – Get a monthly summary of how the Colorado economy is performing by looking at economic indicators such as consumer confidence, home prices, unemployment rate and more.
  • Wikipedia: Economy of Colorado – Find the Bureau of Economic Analysis data on Colorado along with other economic statistics like GDP, unemployment public finances and more.
  • Governor’s Energy Office – An organization that effectively and efficiently advances energy efficiency and renewable clean energy resources, while also focusing on improving the Colorado economy by increasing business and job creation.

Colorado Business Resource Guide

The Colorado business resource guides below will help you understand more about the local economy of Denver and Castle Rock, Colorado.