—Sustainable Housing and Green Homes in Colorado —

Set foot at The Meadows in Castle Rock, Colorado and something just feels right. Have a look around and you’ll notice that hilltops, mountain views and open spaces are mostly left untouched. Of course, new neighborhoods and future development are planned. But smart land planning and dedicated open spaces are designed to preserve a connection to nature. When it comes to the built environment, our home builders each have their own approach to green homes in Colorado and energy efficient home design, contributing to a sustainable housing community.

Innovative Land Use Planning

From the master planned community’s earliest plans, The Meadows sustainable housing community in Castle Rock, Colorado was created with a sense of environmental stewardship. Of the 4,000 total acres here, more than 1,000 have been dedicated to open space and parks. But even the developed areas and green homes are designed to sit lightly on the land, leaving much of the area’s natural topography intact. In other words, overdevelopment won’t leave you feeling boxed in here in our sustainable housing community.

For the natural environment, this open space translates to a smaller impact on animal migration patterns. A smaller footprint also means our sustainable housing community generates less storm water. The open land naturally filters some of the storm water that is generated, leaving it cleaner for lakes and rivers downstream.


The Town Center was created to connect residents to local businesses through a quick walk or bike ride. And our extensive network of sidewalks and Castle Rock trails allows you to walk or bike to schools, parks, and The Grange Cultural Arts Center.

Green Homes in Colorado & Sustainable Home Builder Programs

From energy efficient windows and appliances to concrete tile roofs that reduce cooling costs, check with your Castle Rock builders for more information about their green homes in Colorado and contribution to sustainable housing communities. Search for new new homes in Castle Rock Colorado at The Meadows now!