5 Ways to Make a Smooth Transition into Fall

I’m not sure if it’s because I have spent most of the last two months running my boys to various activities (I’m sure you know the feeling) or the chlorine from the pools but I cannot believe it’s the end of July. It smacked me clear in the face as my wife and I were registering my kids for school last week.

Summer is almost over and that means we have to get back to a regular routine. (Cue the depressing sound FX)

This can sometimes bring on “the blues” for adults and kids alike. So how do we keep a positive outlook and transition into fall with a sense of renewal?  I was researching and found a few tips that hit home for me.  It made me realize that the last few weeks before fall/school can give us a chance to hit the reset button and get organized.

1. Write About Your 10 Best Summer Memories

Even though it’s often busy, summer can be a great time to make memories.  Reflect on your summer by spending 20 to 30 minutes (or longer if you like) writing about each of your top 10 favorite memories from summer.  Getting it down on paper will let you keep those summer memories alive for reminiscing in the years to come.

2. Make a Summer Photo Album or Book

Photos are one of the best ways to bring back positive memories. Think about how happy you are when you look back on pictures of yourself and your loved ones enjoying the summer. Surround yourself with fun photographs that will keep you in happy spirits for months to come. They’re also a great conversation piece when friends and family come to visit

Another fun project is to make photo books (you can do this through online photo galleries like Snapfish, Shutterfly or iPhoto) to put on your coffee table. Or make calendars that you can use for gifts.

3. Get a new Routine

Our routines tend to shift with the seasons. For many families, fall is when kids begin a new school year and join extracurricular activities. For others, it may be a time to focus on work, whether it’s at an office or starting new projects around the house.

Going back to school or work doesn’t have to be a bummer. It can be an exciting new chapter in the year if you place your intention on setting new goals and having fun.

Get the whole family involved to ensure everyone is on ready and excited for the fall routine.

4. Create a Meal Plan and Try New Recipes

Fall means new seasonal fruits and vegetables will hit store shelves and local farmers’ markets. Revisit your meal plan and design one that includes fresh seasonal veggies and fruits, and explore new recipes as you move into the cooler months.

Remember to shop around the outside perimeter of the grocery store, where all the fresh foods can be found. Make it fun and involve the whole family when preparing your meals. Cooking together can be a lot of fun.

5. Find an Activity for Shorter Days

Hobbies or activities that keep us mentally stimulated and bring us joy are a great way to pass the time indoors when the temperature falls and the days get shorter. Many people take on various creative projects such as expressive writing, arts and crafts, reading, and re-arranging interior spaces to keep them actively engaged during the fall and winter seasons when outdoor activities aren’t as accessible.

I know we’re not ready for fall, but it’s important to get ready for the regular routine that comes with back to school and the end of summer. Being prepared mentally and organizationally will help make the transition into fall easier. What else do you do to keep yourself and family from getting the end of summer blues?  Share with us on our Facebook page.