A Big Storm is Brewing: What’s in Your Castle Crock?

You have to admit, we’ve been spoiled by the weather this winter. I have family in New England, and they don’t enjoy my weekly calls about our temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s or my Facebook posts of me wearing shorts in February. Well, most of us have lived here long enough to know that Mother Nature always seems to knock us off our pedestals and give us a healthy dose of reality.  It seems like she’s going to make us pay this weekend with this “Big Storm” even if it doesn’t hit us as hard as the weather experts say it will. Colorado’s snowiest months are approaching, and it is time for us to “hunker down.” There’s nothing better on a cold and snowy day than a hearty meal from a crock pot.

What’s Crockin’ Castle Rock?

My wife recently joined a new Facebook group called Castle Crock. It was actually started by our good friend, and fellow Meadows resident, Lori Dostaler. It’s a group where you can share your favorite Crock Pot meals. Seriously, it’s loaded with ideas. Who knew you could make a Lasagna in a Crock Pot? Or Quesadillas?

What made you think of it?

When asked why she started the group, Lori said, “I’ve been obsessed with my crock pot for years. I’m an exuberant morning person who hates to cook. So I LOVE that before 9am, I could get the kids off to school, showered, and have dinner made, so that I could take care of the rest of things that needed my attention. I always shared those meal ideas on my Facebook page. About four months ago, one of my friends said that I should start a Facebook page. Some other friends agreed, which encouraged me. So Castle Crock was born!”

What do you love about the community?

“My favorite thing about this community is the sharing of recipes! I can go on there anytime and ask ‘what’s crockin?’ and I will end up with ideas!…A lot of these ideas aren’t the healthiest, but this site never claims to be,” Lori says. She is most proud of the fact that there’s no buying or selling, just sharing the crock pot love.

Get “Crockin”

In just a few months, the group has over 360 members and it’s growing. With Mother Nature ready to get us back for a gorgeous winter, and we prepare to break out the shovels, you can find comfort with a delicious, hearty, warm meal from a crock pot. So, get crockin! You can request to join the Castle Crock Facebook group (Lori is happy to add any crock pot enthusiast, you don’t have to live in The Meadows) and start sharing your ideas.