The Meadows Community Garage Sale 2019

The Meadows Community Garage Sale

Join The Meadows Community Garage Sale Saturday, June 1st

Have you completed your spring cleaning? Do you want to get rid of your unwanted “stuff” pile in your basement or garage? Here’s an easy way to get rid of it all.  Join in on The Meadows Community Garage Sale on Saturday, June 1!

Get The Traffic to Your House

The Meadows Community Garage sale is busy. It’s like the streets come alive with early birds trying to catch a deal and the traffic continues throughout the day. It beats trying to go at it alone on a random weekend with little signs pointing to your home.  Soon your unwanted stuff pile will diminish and you can know that it’s going to someone that actually wants it — for a bargain price of course.

Register your home here and your address and items you’d like to highlight will be placed on a spreadsheet for shoppers to follow on garage sale day. It’s free to register, however, you must have your address on the list by Wednesday, May 29. It’s an easy way for you to get traffic to your home. The list of homes will be available online or at The Grange on May, 31.

A Chance To Meet The Neighbors

In addition to unloading your unwanted items, or finding a new treasure, The Meadows Community Garage Sale is a great chance to get outside and see your neighbors. With all of the real estate activity in The Meadows master planned community, chances are there are new neighbors you haven’t met. Now’s your chance to say hello. The streets really come together, in some cases, it might even turn into a block party. You know, you have to celebrate the successful sales.

Get outside on Saturday, June 1 and join in on the fun of another Community Garage Sale! Click here for more information.

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