De-clutter Your House & Make a Little Extra Money

The Meadows Neighborhood Garage Sale

Ever wonder how you collect so much stuff over the winter? Every time I walk through my basement or look into a closet there’s always one or two items that I have no idea where they came from. I’m not a hoarder, but I do have things like clothes that still have tags. (We all get the shirts from a relative who thinks they know what you like and you feel bad about returning it. I can’t be alone in this, right?) Here’s the thing about stuff, it’s never just yours it’s the whole family’s.  Things just enter the house and it turns to clutter. That’s why I think spring is such a great stress reliever. Along with cracking the windows and airing out the house of winter germs and dust, spring is a great opportunity to lighten the load and go through closets, the basement and the garage to de-clutter. But what do you do with it all? Well, in The Meadows, the neighborhood garage sale is a great way opportunity to de-clutter while making a little money.

Keep your little Signs – The Neighborhood Promotes

On June 21, the entire community will come out of hibernation and into their driveways along with all of their unwanted items. Between now and then you may see a store-bought garage sale sign here and there, but the neighborhood garage sale presents a great opportunity to get your house on the “garage sale” map. Literally, the neighborhood creates a map complete with your address and those of your neighbors that are participating, so that shoppers can easily find your house.  It’s way more effective than one of those little signs you can find at the store.  In addition to the map, the event will be promoted on Facebook and throughout Castle Rock.  People come from all over Colorado’s Front Range to shop at this community garage sale.  Guaranteed you’ll get traffic, and more importantly, get rid of your unwanted clutter!

Meet the Neighbors

In addition to selling your old things, it’s a great way to visit with your neighbors. Let’s face it, with as crazy as the weather is, you may not see your neighbors all that much.  Since everyone is out in their driveways, the neighborhood is a great way to visit and hang with neighbors. It’s virtually a mini block party. Plus, you may find some treasures in your neighbor’s driveway and they may take something off of your hands too.

So if you’re feeling claustrophobic with your winter clutter, don’t worry.  Start organizing and get ready to unload your “treasures” while making a little cash during The Meadows Neighborhood Garage Sale June, 21. I’ll see you in my driveway.

Learn more and register your home for the Garage Sale here.