Finding your Restaurant: Castle Rock has Something for Everyone

Something Special about Being Local

I don’t know about you, but for me, when I eat at a local restaurant it seems like the food, drink and atmosphere are just better.  Knowing that the people who run the place live in Castle Rock and pour their heart, sweat and tears into the food and atmosphere is a wholesome experience that makes the meal or drinks that much better. In addition to the food, there’s a good feeling about supporting local businesses.

Options in a Pinch

A nice sit down meal is awesome, but some days it’s just not in the cards. You’re busy running from school(s), work and practice, as the family “Taxi Driver” I understand this completely. So it’s a good thing that there are plenty of restaurant options in a pinch. Whether it’s eating a cheeseburger in the car, or a steak and cheese sub delivered to your door – there are tons of choices. Just another perk of living in a town with a 10 minute drive to anywhere is that just about any cuisine is just moments away.

In Castle Rock, there’s a great blend of local affair restaurants where you can easily slip into the “regular” status. You can enjoy the warm “small town” hospitality. Then when life gets hectic there are plenty of different choices to grab a meal on the run. The best part, no matter what you choose it’s only 10-minutes away. And if you have a busy family life like mine, it’s comforting knowing that there are options that everyone can agree on just around the corner.

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