Doggie Dive 2020 at The Taft House

Doggie Dive at The Taft House Pool - The Meadows Castle Rock CO
Not that any of us want summer to be actually over, but when it does come to that time of year and we must say goodbye to pool season the Taft House Pool wants to give your dog a chance to splash around. COVID-19 has been hard for our four-legged friends, too! They need a day to swim. Bring your pup on Saturday, September 12th to the annual Doggie Dive at The Taft House Pool.

The Doggie Dive is the annual free tradition for residents of The Meadows (with a season pool pass). It’s a day where you keep your swimsuits at home and let your pup have some fun in the water (there will be no humans allowed in the pool during the event). Let your dogs get their tails wet and explore The Taft House pool with some splashing around. 

For safety reasons, it is best not to bring very small children to the event. There will be many dogs, including some large dogs, running around the pool facility and it is hard to prevent accidental collisions.

Don’t worry! Before the dogs take their dip, you still have plenty of time to enjoy The Taft House Pool. Soak up the sun and let your kids play. They can explore the fun kiddie slides, the bubble pool or the exciting climbing wall.

Mark your calendar for The Doggie Dive will be Saturday, September 12th at The Taft House Pool from 10 am – 2 pm. The event is open to all Meadows residents. Just bring your key fob to this free event.  Learn more about The 2020 Doggie Dive here.

Special thanks to the Doggie Dive Sponsors:

Paws Pet Resort Brooklyn Veterinary ClinicVeterinary Specialists of the Rockies