4 Fall Home Maintenance Tips


Fall is Coming! Is Your Home Ready?

Fall is officially here, you can feel the morning chill in the air, and the mountains are getting dusted with snow. The first freeze is upon us and that means time to prep the house for colder weather. To make sure I’m on top of everything, I did a little research and found some fall home maintenance tips from professionals.

Furnace/AC Check:

Fall in Colorado is like a roller coaster.  One day you’ll have a dusting of snow on the ground, and the next it will bounce back to the 70’s. It’s not surprising if you’re toggling between your air conditioner and furnace. I personally try and hold off on the heat for as long as I can. But for the first fall home maintenance tip, experts suggest scheduling a furnace checkup before it gets too cold. The last thing you want is for your furnace to go out on the first really cold night of the year. Trust me, a few years ago, I found myself and my family calling for after-hours service on the first below zero night. Cha Ching and not fun.

One Last Deep Clean

Before you hunker down for winter, these warm days in September and some even in October (if we’re lucky) offer a great opportunity to open up the windows and really get one last air out of the house before you close up for winter. So for the second fall home maintenance tip I suggest one last deep clean of the house. Dust the fans, tables, shelves…get everything out before you can’t open up the windows until spring. It’s also a great time to declutter and really vacuum, wash or mop your floors.

Fall Home Maintenance Makes for a Great Spring Yard

Fall Home Maintenance I try to hold off on shutting the sprinklers off for as long as I can. Fortunately, I haven’t had any major breaks (knock on wood). So for the the third fall home maintenance tip, experts recommend draining or blowing out your sprinkler system before the first freeze. It’s always good to aerate your grass and throw down a layer of winter fertilizer as snow gets closer. With a little research you can find someone local that offers both services. You can even over seed your grass to help take care of any bare spots. This work now will lead to a healthy and green yard in the spring. Remember to detach and blowout any garden hoses, if there’s water in there it can freeze the hose and crack, and if it’s still attached it will cause your pipes to freeze and possibly break.

Are your Windows and Doors Sealed?

While you’re taking care of your yard, it may be a good idea to double check your doors and windows to make sure that the weather stripping is in good shape. It’s easy for heat to escape when seals aren’t tight. That adds up to a lot of wasted money.  For the windows, it’s good to add some caulking around the window seal to help keep heat in.

Fall is here and soon we’ll be felling the blast of winter and the rush of the holidays. Crazy, I know. It’s best to get your home ready for weather when the weather is nice. Check out this complete fall chore checklist for more great fall home maintenance tips.