Fun things to do when Mother Nature Freezes Outdoor Plans

Fall/winter has finally hit us. I knew it was only a matter of time when Mother Nature would make us pay for all of the nice weather. I’m thinking, “man, my kids are going to be pretty restless in the house.” Sure, they have plenty to do, with board games, video games and other toys, but they’ve been outside a lot in the last several months. I have three boys so it wouldn’t surprise me if my living turns into a professional wrestling ring at some point. I’ve been thinking of a few things to do around town to get them out of the house this winter; where the weather is just too cold, but sometimes you have to get out of the house. (If you’re a parent, you know what I mean.)

Events at The Grange

The Grange is a good source for activities for the whole family. They often have something for both kids and parents to do together. From Parent-Child Painting classes, to Storytimes at night, and playgroups, there are fun things that will get your kids out of the house and playing with friends.

Movie Theatre

We’re fortunate here in The Meadows to have Castle Rock’s only movie theatre right in our backyard. If there’s a snow day or for weekend fun, the early shows tend to be a bit cheaper.

Recreation Center

Of course, there’s plenty of things to do at the Rec Center. Open gym or swimming or whatever your athletic interest, it’s a great option to get out and let the kids get a little exercise and have fun.


Speaking of the Rec Center, we now have one which is in our own backyard. The MAC field house at Phillip S. Miller Park is wonderful for burning energy. With pools, trampolines, fields and a big play area. It’s hard not to burn off some energy.

Of course, Castle Rock is just a short drive from all of the amazing museums and activities in Denver.

As the temperatures continue to dip and the snow begins to fly, the kids’ energy levels will start to rise. When the games and crafts get old, and you need to get out of the house, it’s nice to know we have a couple of options. What do you do here with your kids when you can’t go outside? Let me know on The Meadows Facebook page.