Have a Summer Project? Get it HOA Approved

The Grange

How many home projects have you thought of in the last few months? Something about being home gets you thinking about all of the improvements you can make. As most of you know, The Meadows Neighborhood Company Home Owners Association has some specific guidelines about changes you make to your home. Here’s a breakdown of the general process for getting your project approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). 

Step 1: Fill out your ARC application completely. You can find it here. Check the application checklist to see if your project is on there. You can find that on page 4 of the link above. 

Step 2: Your project will be added to the next ARC review meeting. Keep in mind; it takes up to 30 days to review your project. Here’s a list of meetings and deadlines for review.

Step 3: The committee will review your application and project and make a decision.

Step 4: You’ll be notified by mail if your project is approved. 

Step 5: After your project is complete, let the HOA know about it. 

Step 6: Schedule an inspection to make sure everything is good to go. 

As you dive into your summer project list, hopefully this helps you understand the HOA process. If you have questions, you can always call the Community Standards Specialists at  720-476-4007. Learn more about the process and what projects need approval here.