How do you get your kids ready to go back to School?


I know that it’s only the middle of July, but in Douglas County, the middle of July means school starts in just a few weeks. The way my summer has gone (way too fast), it’ll be here before we know it.

Seriously. Where did summer go?

I guess between swim lessons, all of the pool visits and camping trips — summer just slipped by.

My kids are still lost in the summer fun. School is the last thing on their minds.

I need to break it to them that in a couple of weeks the days of sleeping in, staying up late and well, functioning on their own (snail’s) pace in the mornings are over.

I’m fortunate to work from home so summers are a blast around here. I’m going to miss my boys –even though my work productivity level will definitely go up. These next few weeks I’m wondering how I get the boys back into the groove. Is it a rip the Band-Aid off kind of ordeal? Or do you ease them into the routine? Do I cram in everything that I didn’t get accomplished, like Water World or morning fishing and perhaps one more hike and a round of golf?

How does this go?

My wife and I devised a game plan (she is much better in this situation than I) and we’ve elected to ease the boys back into the school routine.

Our Back to School Game Plan:

Bedtime: We’ll actually enforce a bedtime so they get used to it. (Now, it’s been “10 more minutes” which is really an hour.)

Baths: They’ll actually take them rather than rely on the pool for taking off “the top layer”.

Reading: We’ll start settling them down for the day by reading nightly instead of letting them play until they’ve literally fallen asleep mid-game.

Mornings: We’ll at least make them get up at a decent hour (especially the teenagers).

Homework:  You might – scratch that – you will hear groans and moans about this one, but I think it’s good to jumpstart their brains if they haven’t been doing much so far. With so many apps and online games, it’s easier than ever. Rather than Fortnite, they can play an actual learning game.

Back-to-school shopping:  We’re going to make this fun!  In our attempt to get the boys excited about the new school year, we’ll get them backpacks and of course some new clothes. (They’re boys- they grow like weeds.)

That’s at least our game plan; we’ll see what the boys say. After a brief Google search on the topic, I found that we’re not the only ones with this approach. Here’s a link to a WebMD article:

And when I think about it more, it’s not just for the kids; it’s going to get me in shape for the season as well. After all, even after school starts the kids aren’t on auto-pilot they still need subtle reminders (bullhorns work) to wake up and get going – especially the teenagers.

Whether you decide to go with the Band-Aid rip or ease your kids back into the groove, it’s just a few weeks away.

It’s been a summer to remember and I can’t wait to see how the boys grow throughout the coming school year.

I’ll see you in the kiss and go lane.

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