Catch Puss in Boots at Movie in The Meadows 2023!

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Family Movie Night Supersized!

Do you have Friday night movie nights? Switch it up and supersize your movie night with neighbors and friends with Movie in The Meadows at a new location, Mercantile Park, next to the Town Center. The venue has moved, but it promises a special movie night in the park on Friday, September 8th, at sunset. So gather your chairs and blankets and head to the Merc to watch Puss in Boots.

One Big Screen for a Great Movie

If you’re one of the few who haven’t seen it, you’ve probably heard of this famous character throughout the Shrek series. Follow Puss throughout this great adventure as he is down to the last of his nine lives. He’s on a quest to regain all of his lives by finding the legendary Wishing Star. This Oscar-nominated movie is one that your whole family will love.Puss in Boots

Claim Your Spot Early

With a 40ft screen, it’s hard to find a bad spot! The movie in The Meadows starts at sunset, but you might want to grab your section of grass at Mercantile Park early. It’s always nice to talk to neighbors before the movie. Pack some drinks and take advantage of FREE popcorn!

Be-Prepared for Weather

It’s been hot lately, but you never know when Castle Rock, CO weather can change. We live in Colorado, so it’s best to pack a blanket, some sweatshirts, and maybe even an umbrella.

Parking for Movie in The Park

If you’re not within walking distance, there’s plenty of street parking around the park and in The Meadows Town Center.

It’s another evening planned for family fun. Don’t miss Movie in The Meadows 2023, Friday, September 8, at sunset. It’ll be like our community version of a drive-in movie.