7 Tips To Having A Safe Halloween

Safe Halloween Tips

Halloween is here. If you’re driving around The Meadows you can see that there’s a flare for this scary holiday. With Halloween on Monday and the weather is going to cooperate, you can be assured that there will be plenty of little zombies, vampires, Captain Americas, and of course, Elsa princesses trick-or-treating. I know I’ll be walking around with my little zombie and vampire. Before you get dressed up, it’s always nice to review a few safety tips to make sure that you have a fun and safe Halloween. Here are  a few important tips to consider to ensure you have a safe Halloween:

1.) Plan a route — One tip to ensure you have a safe Halloween is to get a good idea of a route you want to take. Plan so that your kids are familiar with it and they don’t get scared or feel lost when it gets dark. A good plan also helps you avoid walking extra steps or miles. Even though your kids will be loaded up on sugar and excitement, they will get tired. If you’re kids are older and going with a group of friends, make sure that you know the route they’ll be traveling as well.

2.) Comfy shoes make a big difference — Even if they don’t quite go with the costume, make sure your kids have shoes that are comfortable and warm. While we’re talking shoes, do not forget to tie the laces in a double knot. Trips in the dark aren’t fun.

3.) Stay well lit — Even though the streets are pretty bright in the neighborhood. It’s still a good idea to make sure that your kids can be noticed from the road. A good suggestion is to put reflective tape on their costumes. Of course, you should also have a flashlight or two with you to help guide your kids.

4.) Make your costumes short— This is one that I hadn’t thought about, but it totally makes sense for obvious tripping and tearing reasons.

5.) Flexible Props — If your kid’s costume comes with a weapon, it’s a good idea to make it a flexible prop. This will help keep everyone safe when the fake zombie pirate sword fight breaks out in the dark.

6.) Eat Dinner  Eat a good meal before hitting the streets since we know your kids are going to want to dive into their candy as soon as they get home. I know a parent or two that might indulge in some candy as well. Eat a good meal to avoid overindulgence and sugar rushes at bedtime.

7.) Have Your Phone Charged – One of the most important tips for a safe Halloween to to ensure your phone is fully charged before you go trick-or-treating. The odds of us not having our phones on us are pretty slim, but it’s a good reminder to have it on you and fully charged just in case there’s any suspicious behavior or your group gets separated.

What safety tips do you have to share? Let us know on the Meadows Facebook page. With a great weather forecast again, I hope that you and your trick-or-treater(s) have a happy, safe Halloween!