Life Changes in a Blink: Support Rosie and Her Family

Rosie and Her FamilyAs a parent, you never want to imagine your child being severely injured. On July 14, 2016, unfortunately, that’s what happened to Gwen Siler and her children. This day would change mom Gwen, her husband Paul, children Rosie, Sebastian and Juliet as well as the children’s father Mark’s life forever. A simple car ride along Plum Creek near Philip S. Miller Park turned into a devastating accident. The results of the accident were severe. The children were all injured; Sebastian suffered an injury where his right eye is in a locked position and Juliet suffered a broken wrist. Both are out of the hospital and are recovering. Rosie, however, was severely injured, suffering a head trauma and damage to her trachea. She was flown to Colorado Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery. Rosie has been in a coma ever since and continues her fight to recover. The family remains by her side day and night as the doctor’s watch for signs of emergence from her coma. 

Show Your Support

Rosie RecovervingGwen has taken a leave of absence while she tends to Rosie, Sebastian and Juliet. The family is facing enormous medical expenses that continue to build. Their support system and community were looking for ways to help and have set up a You Caring page to collect donations that will help with these overwhelming costs. You can show your support, donate and leave a message for the family here

It’s times like this when residents can define the term community by coming together and supporting our neighbors. If you’re interested in learning more about Rosie and her progress you can get updates here