The Grange and Taft House Pool Openings 2020

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Looking Forward to Summer: Get Access to The Meadows’ Pools 2020

I hope that you are all well and safe. Rather than talking about what we can and can’t do because of COVID-19, I wanted to talk about the future and what we can look forward to. Our beloved pools at The Grange and Taft House are a part of the summer culture in the community. 

As of now, we can look forward to joining our friends at the pools beginning on Saturday, May 23. Both pools will be open daily through Labor Day, September, 7. 

If you’ve lived in the community for a while, you’ll continue to use your key fob to enter the pools. For those of you many new members to the community, the pools are free for residents. Here’s how you can gain access to the pools and enjoy a summer of fun. 

How to Get a Key Fob: 

Beginning May 1, you can visit meadowslink to download your registration for a key fob. Then load up everyone in the family to visit The Grange or Taft House during regular business hours to get your picture and your key fob. Since we’ll all be excited to get to the pools this year, you can visit each office during their extended hours. 

Extended Office Hours:

Taft House: 
Monday, May 18
Wednesday, May 20
Friday, May 22

The Grange: 
Saturday, May 23, 5-8 pm
Sunday, May 24, 9 am-8 pm
Monday, May 25- Saturday, June 1- 9 am-8 pm

I am genuinely looking forward to our normal, fun summer here in The Meadows. For more information about The Grange Pool or Taft House Pool, please visit Until then, let’s all stay home and stay safe so that we can have fun this summer. Please keep an eye on The Meadows Facebook Page for updates.