The Season Is About to Change…Where Do You Store Your Summer Toys?

Exterior view of Meadows Self StorageI know there are few solid weeks of camping and boating left, heck we’ve probably got a month if the temps keep up. However, it won’t be long before we need to start thinking about switching out gear for the winter. With that, you need to store your summer toys somewhere for the winter. Whether its an ATV, camper or boat, it can be difficult to find the right storage for your toys. Obviously, you want to protect your gear and investment. So, where do you go? What do you look for when finding the right place to store your summer toys when you can’t store them at your house or on the street? If you’re new to The Meadows, here are a few tips in picking the right storage facility.

Keep it Safe

It doesn’t matter how older your equipment is; it’s still an investment. You want your toys to be safe. So, when choosing a place to store your palace on wheels or your ATV or Cadillac on the water, make sure that security is buttoned up. You’ll want to make sure that the fence is secure with access gates and locks, and that there are plenty of security cameras to keep an eye on things.

Enough Space

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re pulling in our out of your storage unit is maneuvering around a tight space. When picking your spot, make sure that you’ve got room to maneuver your rig! You don’t want to scratch your baby, or worse, someone else’s pride and joy. Check the lot size in addition to your actual space so that you have room to move without getting freaked out.


Can you access your facility at a time that’s convenient for you? The last thing that you want to do is have limited access to your property. When looking at different facilities make sure that the hours for access are flexible and meet your needs.

In The Meadows, we’re close to reservoirs and just a quick drive up the hill to tons of camping. We also have plenty of options for storing your toys, such as Meadows Self Storage right here in the neighborhood, so they don’t take up valuable driveway and garage space. Before you pack it away, take advantage of the beautiful September weather and enjoy a few more weeks of camping and boating. You’ll have the snowmobiles out in no time!