Vintage Theatre Presents Balloonacy

BalloonacyFree Entertainment for The Entire Family. Watch Balloonacy!

Are you looking for something new, different and inspiring for the whole family? How about a morning at the theatre? On Saturday, March 30 The Grange will transform into the neighborhood theatre for the production of Vintage Theatre’s Balloonacy. This whimsical comedy will have kids and adults laughing throughout the entire show.


Balloonacy is a tale of a balloon, a lonely man and an unlikely friendship. Take the journey of this mischievous balloon as it wanders into a grumpy, cranky old man’s life and turns it upside down. What happens next is a life lesson we all can learn, that friendships can form anywhere and with anything. The physical comedy will have you and your children rolling with laughter.

About Vintage Theatre

Vintage Theatre Productions was formed among five friends in 2002.  These friends all had the mission to bring the highest quality theatre to the front range. Now with three different theatres under one roof in their Aurora location, you can enjoy drinks and a show most Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. With numerous awards and nominations throughout the years, you can expect a top production from every show! Learn more about Vintage Theatre and shows here.

Get Your Seats Early!

Balloonacy at The Grange will be Saturday, March 30. Showtime is 10:30 am, and it’s FREE! That’s right, free entertainment for the whole family. However, since space is limited you must register by Saturday, March 23. Don’t miss a fun Saturday morning of entertainment. Check out Vintage Theatre Presents Balloonacy. Learn more here.