3 Home Improvement Projects that Provide the Best ROI

Thinking About a Home Improvement Project?

As we’ve all been home more over the last six months, I’m sure that you’ve looked around your house with a critical eye. I know that we have, along with a list of home improvements we’d like to tackle. However, when it comes to home improvements, some of them have a better return than others. Here are a few home improvement projects that get a high return on your investment. 

Home Improvement Project #1: Manufactured Stone Veneer

Real estate 101 tells you that curb appeal is crucial when trying to sell your home. Adding pop with stone veneer to a portion of your home will drastically increase your curb appeal. Your ROI is high with this update. According to experts, you’ll get 95.6 percent back.  

Home Improvement Project #2: Update Your Garage Door 

I know, getting a new garage door isn’t the most exciting update in the world. But a new door pays off, and depending on the style, it can add more character to the front of your house. Updating the hardest working door in your home brings an ROI of 94.5%. Not bad. 

Home Improvement Project #3: Minor Kitchen Updates

Another big seller is the kitchen, especially now, given the year we’re having. It’s the hub of every home. Updating your kitchen can catch buyers’ attention and give your home a new, modern look. Simply updating appliances, refacing cabinets, or new countertops can give you an ROI of up to 77.6%.

If you’re thinking about updating your home, always think about ROI. Learn more about these home improvement projects, plus a few more that will give you the best ROI, according to Bankrate.