Time for End-of-Summer Cleaning!

Yep! It’s August something 2020, and I know that we’ve all been home for a bit, and our houses are either a disaster or spectacularly clean. My house leans more towards the first. My wife and I were home this weekend and asked ourselves, “how did we get here?” The answer came as we stared at our three boys – my wife included me in her glare. Anyway, this had me thinking about a list of end-of-summer cleaning chores that we should knock off. Here are a few that you might want to consider. 

Change Your Air Filter 

The heat has been on this summer. I’m sure that your AC has been working overtime throughout the last few months. You might be surprised at how much builds up over the course of the summer. Regularly changing your filters can help your system last longer. 

Clean Your Grill 

In Colorado, grilling season can last through September.  (My Father-in-law grills year-round and has no issue cooking up a meal in the snow.  I tend to be a fair-weather griller.) So, August is a great midpoint to do a full-on grill cleaning. Clean the grates, below the grates, and the grease trap if you have one to get it ready for the rest of the season. 

Clean Your Fridge 

Sure, you probably keep your refrigerator relatively clean. The end-of-summer is the perfect time to give your fridge a deep solid cleaning. Use baking soda to get up any spills or gunk that may have accumulated over the season. Get rid of any expired condiments (you know you have some). Pro tip: If your kids spill a lot, try lining your shelves with press-and-seal plastic wrap. Do it before your next big shopping trip. Learn more here

Clean The Stove 

Before fall cooking season, where things might move inside a bit more, try doing a deep clean of your stove and oven. Remove the grates and clean around the burners to remove any grease. Run the clean cycle on your oven to make sure it’s ready for the baking season. 

There are plenty of spots throughout the home that could use a little shine. These are a few that maybe you’ve skipped over or not thought of until now. I know we feel better moving into a new season with a cleaner house. The trick is to make it last.

Photo by Liliana Drew