4 Tips for a Drama-Free Holiday

We’re just five days until Christmas, can you believe it? It’s crunch time. The holidays are the most joyous time of year but can also be one of the most stressful times. Throw stress in with a family gathering, and sometimes can get slightly dramatic around the holiday gathering. Here are a few tips to avoid drama this holiday season. 

Focus on Yourself 

Reduce your stress. By now, if you know something isn’t going to get done in time for the holidays, don’t worry about it. For example, if your cards still need to be finished, make them New Year cards. Don’t worry about being perfect this holiday season. Instead, experts say, be present. You’ll be happier and have less stress.

Don’t Bring Drama to The Holidays 

If you have issues or know there’s a touchy subject between family members, set a different date and time to discuss it. If there’s a negative dramatic argument, it will be discussed for years. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Set a Few Boundaries 

Set boundaries for friends and family members. Avoid any unexpected, early visitors or unwanted conversations. How many people have experienced a rather tense political discussion? If you don’t want tension, set boundaries, but do it in a way that has consequences; say, “if you talk about this, then I’ll get up from the table.” 

Show Compassion and Empathy 

‘Tis the seasons or caring! The holidays can also be a very emotional season. Friends and family may seem fine on the outside, but they could be going through a challenging situation. Show compassion and empathy for those you care about. 

Learn more about these tips and others by watching this video. As we approach the holidays, let’s all try to relax and have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.