Being Water Wiser Helps Save Money and Your Yard


As the temperatures shoot to the 90’s and summer officially begins, we all start worrying about our grass (and water bill). We want to make sure that it’s green and hearty throughout the dry months of July and August. I know I hate it when I see a brown spot or two on my yard. It’s really an eye sore and kind of embarrassing. I started to wonder, with watering restrictions and my budget, how do I maintain the lush look?

As you drive through The Meadows and other neighborhoods in Castle Rock, you’ll notice a Water Wiser flier or sticker in windows. And for the most part you’ll probably see a nice green lawn with that house.  When I first moved here I was very curious. After speaking to a neighbor they told me it was a water conservation designation and that if I took the workshop I would be exempt from the city watering restrictions. What? Exempt?  I can water whenever I want? I was intrigued. So I enrolled in the 3 hour workshop.

Who has the time for a 3 hour workshop?

I know what you’re thinking, “3 hours I don’t have time for that.” I know those were my exact words.  But let me tell you — it’s well worth it!

Less Water. Green Grass. Save Money.

I was actually fascinated with the class. It was very educational; within the first few minutes of the class I learned that it’s possible to conserve water, keep my yard green and, best of all, save money on my water bill.

You really get a lot in this workshop, like:

Did you know on average, your yard only needs 1.25” of water a week in June and only 1.5” in July?

Did you know that you could earn a rebate for using efficient sprinkler heads and control boxes?

Did you know it’s best to split your total station run time in half and run your system twice to allow for the water soak into your yard?

It’s an evening or an afternoon that’s well worth the time. You will learn how to save money and earn an exemption from the water restrictions.  Funny thing, although I’m exempt from watering restrictions, because of this workshop, I water less and my grass looks great! I highly recommend taking the Water Wiser workshop. Oh yeah, one other perk — IT’s FREE! Learn more about future classes here.