Labor Day Fun: Take Advantage of The Last Long Weekend of Summer

When I was growing up in New England, I dreaded Labor Day weekend. As a kid, Labor Day signified the end of summer and school starting the next week. For kids, it was like the day after Christmas — with the “it’s over?” feeling. Now, that I live in Colorado, and my kids are secure in their back to school routines, Labor Day means a nice long weekend. Needless to say, Labor Day comes with a little more excitement than my childhood. It got me thinking, what’s the best way to spend this long weekend?

One Last Camping Trip

For many Coloradans, it’s the last big weekend to head to the mountains and get in a camping trip. It’s an excellent weekend to enjoy the mountains before temps take a dive. Some places in the high country might already be showing off the fall colors. If you can handle the I-70 parking lot, it’s a great way to close out summer.

Denver Events

In The Meadows, we’re just a short drive to the Denver Metro area. There are plenty of things to do this weekend. Taste of Colorado, Legos at the Zoo… Oh yeah, something about a Taylor Swift concert? Not for me, but you might like it. Find out more about what’s happening in Denver this weekend here.

A Day Hike

We live in Castle Rock, if the weather is nice, get outdoors! We have miles of trails and open spaces; a great way to enjoy the area. Whether you go for a bike ride at Ridgeline or a hike around the MAC or go for an adventure in Castlewood Canyon; we have plenty of outdoor fun right here.

Rest and Relaxation

Why not rest? After all, it is what the day was designed to do. Just take the day and enjoy your family and friends. Sleep in, crack open a cold beverage with a few neighbors and have a low-key barbecue. Take it easy you’ve worked hard for this long weekend.

For me, you’ll probably find me tearing up the fairway — or more accurately a bunker – of a local golf course. There are plenty of things to do, and one of the great things about living in The Meadows is that we’re relatively close to everything. So, what are you doing? Share your Labor Day weekend plans on The Meadows Facebook page. Whatever it is, enjoy!