Meet Your Neighbors with Front Yard Fridays!

Just how well do you know your neighbors? Is it an occasional hello when getting the mail or a cordial wave as you’re coming and going? Or is it a “let’s compare our yards conversation”? Perhaps you are close with your neighbors and have put a gate in-between your fences?

I can honestly say that I feel close to my immediate neighbors, I can even call them friends. Our kids are best friends with our next door neighbors’ children and we often spend a Friday or Saturday night having laughs on the patio.  We’re also close to the neighbors on our other side, always willing to help each other or share a beer and talk about the neighborhood.  We’ll help them in a pinch and they’ll help us. My kids love them and their dog, Duke  — seriously, the best dog in the world.

But as far as everyone else goes, it’s just a simple hi or wave, a friendly hello or check-in on the kids and their various activities if we happen to both be outside at the same time. No one is trying to be rude, it’s just life. So what are we to do if we want to know our neighbors better?

A New Trend is Bringing Everyone Together

There’s a new trend spreading across the nation and now in The Meadows. Front Yard Fridays’ goal is to promote close-knit communities starting with your neighbors. It’s easy enough to participate and you will get to know your neighbors better, you may even make new friends.

Seriously, what happens on Friday at your house?

You’re probably eating pizza or having a barbeque. At least that’s every Friday at my house. We love our pizza nights. Well for Front Yard Fridays, all you have to do is take your pizza night or BBQ to the front yard and enjoy it with neighbors.

The Meadows is a great community, full of great neighbors from all over the country, even the world. We have plenty of events throughout the year. But why not take matters into your own hands?

Unwind and share your stories.  Heck, even make it a weekly party! It’ll be a great way to learn and meet new friends. I’ve recently learned that one of my neighbors is originally from Germany – pretty cool.

Does Your Block Know How to Party?

Why not kick off your Front Yard Friday with a bang?  Turn your gathering into a block party.  There’s no better time or way to wrap up the summer. Share your summer stories, learn about a new camping spot or family vacation spot.  You may find you have hobbies in common with your neighbors that you can try doing together next summer!

To help encourage your Front Yard Fridays, The Grange is even sweetening the pot for your first party. Simply submit your block party ideas/themes and if yours is the best, you’ll win a $250 Safeway gift card to help buy food for your bash.

Who doesn’t love a good party? Start thinking and email your ideas to Jen at The Grange,