Start National Heart Month Right With These Activities In The Meadows

Colorado Trails - National Heart Month in The Meadows

February is National Heart Month and another reminder to get my butt in shape. These health reminders always make me think of how lucky I am to live in such an active community. Each day as I sit in my home office, I watch all of you amazing in-shape Meadows residents walking, running and riding your bikes on the trails behind my house — the other day I realized our community really fosters being heart healthy.

Plenty of Trails

Everyone knows that one of the keys to good health is getting plenty of exercise, especially cardio workouts. Now, sometimes I’m not as motivated to get out to the gym and exercise on my own. Especially within our current COVID situation. However, with such easy access, and for me, watching everyone else exercise, the trails can be more motivating. Anywhere you go you have easy access to one of the many trails that run through the neighborhood. It could be the Plum Creek Trail, the trail through Native Legend Open Space or the miles of trails you can find at Ridgeline Open Space or Philip S. Miller Park.


Need a full-body workout? There’s nothing better than swimming a few laps in the lap pool at The Grange or at the pool at Butterfield Park. We also are close to the Rec Center and The MAC, both are great options for exercise especially in the winter.

Plenty of Gyms

Castle Rock is a town full of active residents, and it seems like there’s a gym or personal trainer around any corner. If you do a little research, you’ll find one that’s right for you.

Regardless of your health, you can’t go wrong with a little exercise — I’ve learned this first hand. It is a good thing we have plenty of options here in The Meadows, and this year, we’ve had pretty nice weather. Judging by all of you running, biking and hiking, it seems that everyone within the community is celebrating the nice temperatures and National Heart Month, which makes it motivating to live a healthier lifestyle.