The Meadows Snow Removal

The Meadows Snow Removal

Who Shovels it? The Meadows Snow Removal Rundown

With the weather we’ve had lately, it’s hard to think about snow and clearing snow from our driveways and sidewalks, but if you’ve lived here for a while, you know the weather can change pretty quickly and drastically. So, with that, here are a few reminders about the snow removal procedures in The Meadows. 

The Meadows Streets 

The Town of Castle Rock takes care of the streets. The town prioritizes the order of the roads plowed based on the volume of traffic. The major streets will get plowed before your neighborhood streets. You can read about their process and their plow tracker here.


Just like your driveway, the sidewalks in front of or adjacent to your house are your responsibility. If we get two or more inches of snow, it’s important to clear your sidewalks within 48 hours. If you find someone not being neighborly and feel it necessary to let someone know, that’s up to the town and not the HOA. Shoot the town zoning department an email at

Alleys and Shared Driveways 

If you live in Stewart Park, Upland Park, or Tyler Park, then you’re in luck; the Meadows Neighborhood Company takes care of your driveways and alleyways. Click here for more details. 


The trails are a team effort between the HOA and the town. As a homeowner who backs up to some of our trails, they do a great job. 

I hope this helps you figure out who shovels the snow when winter actually shows up. For more information about snow procedures, you can visit or the town’s website