5 Fall Home Organization Tips

Now that school is officially in session, we can all start transitioning to fall. Even though we’re bouncing in and out of 90 degrees, it’s a great time to take stock and do a little home reorganization and cleaning. Here are a few tips for organizing your home so it’s ready for fall.

Create a Schedule

We’re all busy with work, kids’ activities, and appointments. It’s called life. Create a schedule and a plan to keep you on track with your organizing. Focus on one task at a time and check each chore off the list as you complete it. A solid game plan will ensure that you’re getting everything done.

Focus on Closet Clean Outs

Do you suffer from closet clutter? Take this time to get rid of clothes that don’t fit, don’t wear, and are out of season. It’ll create space for the new season. Go through each closet in your home. If you have kids, you know they grow, and you know that there’s clothes that don’t fit or they won’t wear anymore. It’s great opportunity to donate unwanted items and make space for your fall and winter wardrobe.

Take a Look at Your Pantry

Have you noticed that your meal choices change with the season? That’s why fall is the time to go through your pantry and refrigerator and clean them out. If there’s still good food, but you probably won’t use it, take it to a local food bank.

Tackle Your Junk Drawer

Ugh. The junk drawer or drawers. It’s where random items go to die. When doing your fall organizing, remove the drawers, dump them out, and filter through everything. Have a trash can nearby. You’ll be surprised at how much space you have.

Prepare Your Garage for Winter

Tackling the garage is one of the biggest chores of the fall. Do you have old toys, bikes, or tools that are a scratch risk every time you pull your car into your garage? Yep. It’s normal after a busy summer. Take a weekend and get rid of tools you don’t use, bikes your kids don’t ride, and golf clubs you don’t hit anymore. Take time to organize and store your spring and summer equipment so that your winter shovels and tools are easy to get to. Hang things up, and add shelves. There isn’t a better feeling than a well-organized garage.

Whether it’s a break from the heat, the start of football season, or just getting back to a good routine, there’s something special about the change in the season. Start the season fresh with an organized, decluttered home. Learn more about these tips and others here. If you have unwanted items, The Meadows Neighborhood Garage Sale is a great way to get rid of stuff and make some extra cash.